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First Presbyterian Church of Springfield would like to extend warm wishes to you on such a joyous occasion. Our Church rejoices in marriage equality and warmly welcomes couples to celebrate their joyful union in our sanctuary. We have placed a form below for you to fill out to make finding the right church easier for you.

After receiving your submitted inquiry form, we will contact you to let you know if your desired date is available, and to set up a time to meet our administrative assistant and visit our church. During the first meeting we will answer any questions you may have and review our wedding policies.

COVID Update
For the health and safety of everyone we are abiding by
Health Protocols and our COVID Response Team guidelines 

regarding the pandemic.

Masks are recommended while inside the building.

COVID Requirements: updated on 1/18/23

We know that trying to plan and celebrate your wedding in the midst of a pandemic is challenging. We are committed to helping make your wedding day the special celebration you deserve. For the wellbeing of the whole community, we are taking a careful and cautious approach. 

As of right now here are the requirements: (subject to change depending on public health guidelines)

-Masks are recommended.

-For your guests' safety, our hospitality volunteers will ask your guests to sign into your guestbook or check them off a list you provide. We take this action so you know who to contact in case of COVID exposure at your wedding.

-Attendance will be whatever the state public health limits are at the time of your wedding. We cannot guarantee or predict what tier or phase we will be in on the day of your wedding. Attendance numbers include all of the wedding party, parents, clergy, guests, musicians, staff, etc.

-Instrumental music is safest. Wind instruments would need to be screened. If you wish to include a vocalist, we would recommend a singer who is triple vaccinated and has a negative COVID test within 24 hours before the ceremony


​Our Church is proud to embrace all couples. 

Wedding Inquiry Form

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