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Dear friends,


We are grateful we now have vaccines for COVID19. Thanks be!

We are grateful for the scientists who have developed them, the staff who produce and distribute and administer them.

We are grateful for the ways we've been able to care for one another these past ten months. Of course, we also grieve for those who have died with this virus and we pray comfort for everyone who has lost loved ones.


On behalf of our church's COVID Response Team, we want you to know that we will each get vaccinated when it is our turn. Some of us have already received our first doses. Some of us are waiting for fresh supplies. Some of us will wait our turn while those who are higher risk go first. May we all be patient in the waiting.


In the meantime, please continue masking and distancing, even after receiving the vaccinations. The vaccines reduce transmission and severity of symptoms, but do not eliminate the virus. We will continue our ministry and mission in ways that protect the wellbeing of our congregation and community. Please continue to support each other and to offer assistance or comfort, as needed. In particular, thank you to our many volunteers who are stocking the micro-food pantry.  


If someone needs help with registering for the vaccination or needs a ride to a vaccination site, they may contact Chaplain Tim at or call the church office at 217-528-4311 and leave a message.  


Follow this link for more information about the vaccines and distribution in our area:

Click here for a list of frequently asked questions compiled by the COVID Response Team.

Blessings of healing,

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