Helping those in need.

COVID19 Update

For the health and safety of our clients and staff during this pandemic

our Samaritan Ministries will be temporarily closed.  

Samaritan Ministries Update

front view of First Presbyterian Church, Springfield

Temporarily Closed

You may contact the Social Service desk by email: 

Finding Ways to Minister in a Pandemic

A new set of doors is open to our neighbors and the congregation – the First Presbyterian Micro-pantry. The beautiful pantry cupboard is available to all, thanks to the efforts of Don Ecklund and Linda Justice.


What is a micro-pantry?

Micro-pantries are part of a community-wide grassroots movement of neighbors helping neighbors. The motto is “Take what you need; leave what you can for a neighbor!” By design, anyone can take items they need when they need them – 24/7. There are no restrictions or registration required. Also, by design, anyone can leave items to share at any of the 27 Springfield locations at any time. You don’t need permission. Some neighbors actively check the area micro-pantries and add to those who might be running low. Some, but certainly not all, of the micro-pantries have sponsors (like us) who commit to keeping them stocked. Neighbors can add to those at any time as well.


First Presbyterian Sponsored Micro-Pantries

We are pleased to sponsor two micro-pantry sites. For the past several months our volunteers have been stocking a micro-pantry at 422 S. 5th Street (across the street from the Mansion/Y Block). Members and friends sign up to stock the pantry for a given week. Others add to the pantry periodically as needed. We will continue to stock the 5th Street pantry as we bring our second micro-pantry into service.


Our second micropantry is located the church’s west parking lot. Don and Linda did an amazing job customizing it to look like our big red doors. We have begun stocking it and it is open for community use. Like our 5th Street location, we will be asking for volunteers willing to commit to stocking the pantry during a given week. Others are welcome to add to the stock at any time. We are pleased to report that the food pantry at Grace Lutheran will also be adding items to the micro-pantry weekly. 

If you would like to sign up to cover a week at either pantry you may contact Jan Snodgrass ( or Chaplain Tim Haworth ( For those who sign up, the church will reimburse up to $100 in micro-pantry expenditures. If you want to periodically leave food items, you can do that at any time.


Micro-pantry Warming and Dedication

Thank you to all who joined us for the pantry warming.  And thanks to all who brought and continue to bring pantry items to both of our locations.  All are welcome to add to either pantry at any time. Check out the link below for a list of suggested items.

Pantry food suggestions