This is God’s house and all God’s people are welcome. We celebrate an open Communion table. If you hunger and thirst for God, please join us on first Sundays and Wednesdays for Communion. We celebrate gifts of the Spirit in all people, every one of us. We believe that our unity in the body of Christ is more important than our differences of opinion. No matter your church background or lack of it, your identity or who you love, how you vote, or where you work, God’s doors are open to you. You are welcome here!


We are a congregation of the Presbyterian Church USA, founded in 1828, and church home to Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln. We are a faith community that is rooted and reaching. We are rooted in our rich history while we are reaching outward through nurturing the growth of our church family for the needs of the church today and the future. In addition, the faith community of First Presbyterian Church Springfield is anchored in its aspirational belief that:

• We all are wonderfully created in the image of God and loved by God unconditionally; God’s love is transformative and healing.

• We all come thirsty for a faith community that strives to create a space that is safe, caring, healing, and transformative. 

• We all hunger for forgiveness, reconciliation, and restoration to others, to the earth, and to the Divine.  

• We are all welcomed in God’s church and at the Communion table regardless of our:

  • abundant or modest bank accounts.

  • race, gender, age, gender definition or orientation.  

  • physical abilities or attributes.

  • housing status.

  • struggles in faith to know, share, or believe in a loving presence of the Divine.

  • search of healing and transformation spiritually, mentally, physically, or socially.

• We are a church family called by God to advocate for social justice through service and community outreach.

• We are a church family called to show abundant hospitality to our closest neighbors, the local community, and the global human family.