"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot;

together we can do great things."
- Mother Teresa

Building the kin-dom of God on earth happens in the context of community, which is strengthened when many voices are joined for a common purpose. First Presbyterian Church of Springfield, in partnership with these organizations, faithfully joins in one voice to share the good news of God's love for all inside and outside the walls of our church.


Since the spring of 2000, First Presbyterian Church has built a sister relationship with Sancti Spiritus Presbyterian Church in Sancti Spiritus (El Centro Presbytery) in Cuba’s Central Province–a relationship that has helped us share religious and cultural realities as well as our ministries. During these years, First Church has sent more than 40 adults and teens to work on partnership mission trips.


Our visits to Cuba have deepened our understanding of the faith journeys of our cousins there. We have recorded interviews with national leaders in the Cuban Presbyterian Church, as well as with women church leaders about their ministries to provide hot meals, laundry services, and clothing repair to the indigent elderly. Together, we continue to affirm our partnership goals, which are to share worship and bible study, to show support to the Presbyterian Church in Cuba and in Sancti Spiritus by sending educational materials and medicine, and to further understanding between our two congregations.


The phrase “yet more light” originated in Pastor John Robinson’s sermon sending the Pilgrims off to the colonies, in which he stated the belief that God does not reveal God’s whole truth to any one person in any one point in history, and that we must continually be open to hearing the new things God is saying to us through the Word. – from the website


The First Presbyterian Church Session (our governing council)  has endorsed the Covenant Network of Presbyterians. 


We are called to:

• Serve the PC(USA), supporting its mission, honoring its historic understanding that “God alone is Lord of the conscience,” and by God’s grace, working of r the unity of the church.

• Bear witness to Christ’s love with kindness and compassion in the midst of conflict as we seek to live together with differences in perspectives beliefs and practices.


• Welcome in the name of Christ all whom God calls into community and leadership in God’s church, including LGBTQ persons.


• Ensure that sessions and presbyteries are able to ordain those called and gifted by God.


• Provide support for LGBTQ members and friends, and comfort those wounded by former church policies and practices.


• Commit financial resources to this ministry generously and regularly.


Welcoming Diversity