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Brombaugh Opus
35 Pipe Organ

The John Brombaugh Opus 35 pipe organ was designed and crafted explicitly for FPC and has attracted international attention since its installation in 2000. The organ has 3,250 pipes, 70 ranks and 49 stops.

The organ’s pipes are made of an alloy high in lead, which produces a “vocale” sound related to the angelic sound of young boys and girls singing. The organ uses alloys of lead and tine that range from two percent tin for the facade and larger interior pipes, to 23 percent tin for the smaller pipes. Known as the organ’s “principal plenum” this musical resource is unique to the pipe organ.

To enhance the sound, the pipe metal has been strongly hammered. For full effect, the pipes are winded from the historic type of windchests connected by a direct mechanical linkage to the keyboards. This entire apparatus is housed in a case that has a positive effect on the sounds its pipes produce.

A variety of organ, flute, string, and reed stops serves in addition to the principal pipes. These stopes provide musical possibilities for accompanying choral or solo music.

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