This is God's house and all God's people are welcome.

Please join us on zoom.

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10:30 am in zoom

Bulletin For Jan. 23 Zoom

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6:00 in Zoom



February 6, 2022

Three Worship Gatherings


Sundays Onsite

in the Sanctuary 

(for the health and safety of everyone we have suspended this service)


Sundays Online

in Zoom


Wednesdays Worship

in Zoom

You are, of course, welcome to join us for all three gatherings!

We trust God is present in each and your presence is a gift to the community.


Thank you for the ways you continue loving one another!

Blessings of Grace and Peace,

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Pastoral Letter, May 2021


Dear ones,

This season has been such a long one. In early March 2020, we thought we could hunker down for a couple of weeks and the storm would pass. We created new protocols and made sure everyone had enough to eat and an extra roll of toilet paper. But as we all know, a couple of weeks turned into a couple of months, then second and third waves, and we realized we could not predict the path ahead. We had to live in the moment: wait patiently, pray sincerely, serve faithfully, gather virtually, worship wholly, give generously, weep honestly, and love joyfully. Thanks be!


And people have suffered, without a doubt. We’ve suffered from infection, illness, death, isolation, risky work, loss of work, and too much work. We’ve suffered from politics getting in the way of public health and scientific information. In worship via zoom, we have lamented, mourned, consoled one another, lifted each other’s spirits, shared music, mission, and ministry. We have given serious consideration, taken significant action, and celebrated the love and justice of Jesus. Thanks be!


Mitigations and vaccinations have meant most have been able to go about life within limits. With cautious limits, we have begun to gather at church, too. First, we gathered in very small groups for work projects. Then we gathered in larger groups outside to play in the garden, stock the pantry, and welcome new members. In early May, we began our onsite worship services and it was delightful to be together, again, and enjoy the beauty of the Peace Garden and the joy of spring weather. Thanks be!


With rising vaccination rates, we have more opportunities to gather in ways that protect one another’s wellbeing while nurturing one another’s souls. With gratitude for the work of our Covid Response Team, the Session has approved a recommendation that we add a third worship service on Sundays in the sanctuary at 9:00. For the sake of those unable to get vaccinated and those who remain vulnerable despite being vaccinated, when we worship onsite, we will mask and distance, register attendance, and observe other mitigation strategies. Thanks be!

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FPC Honored to Host the

Illinois COVID Memorial

The fragrance of these flowers called our attention to the sorrow of more than 8400 families in Illinois whose loved ones have died of COVID19 as of this week. We were asked to host a memorial or these families and friends yesterday at @lincolnschurch. It was our honor to do so. May we live in ways that protect one another’s wellbeing.


Video of the service is here: