• Tim Haworth

Viva la Revolution!

What a great joy it was to be a part of the Pride and Joy service we hosted this past week. Joining with Susan and our colleagues Bobbi Dykema from First Church of the Brethren and Jon Bormann from Heartland Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) was an honor. Our three churches joined together to remember, repent, celebrate communion and then receive a challenge to launch a revolution. Eighty-seven people from all over Central Illinois came together to worship God. There were LGBTQIA+ people, transgender people and straight people. We had a wonderful time of unity, determination and love. As the service concluded and participants headed back out into the world they were greeted by the beautiful rainbow pictured above. It was as if God was adding a giant exclamation point to our evening together.

Thanks to the Facebook “promoters”, the singers, the ushers, the communion preparers and everyone who came. Let the revolution of love begin!

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