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Special Worship

dove ascending | ©2016 First Presbyterian Church/ Springfield, IL

How is worship "special?"

God is both a pursuing God and a mysterious God: how does one relate to God, who is pursuing and mysterious at the same time? It is for this reason we can never say about worship, This is exactly how it is done. Worship is not analyzable, dissectable. It is not reproducible. Worship is not a product to be consumed. One must give one's whole self to the worship of God. If you leave a service asking yourself, Did I like it? then your worship has become thing-ized, treated as a product to be consumed, not something that must, by definition, consume you.

In this technology age of twitter worship and machines that determine our humanity, we need to claim ways in which we can be attentive to the presence of the Holy Spirit. The resulting emergent/special worship opportunities are not a revolution against the liturgy and prayer and theology that have been a part of the Christian faith for twenty centuries, they are instead a response to the call of God, still asking through the ages, Who do you say I am? You will continue to experience liturgy, prayer, and the Word in the emergent/special worship services.

Visit the individual "special worship" event pages from the links to the left. Other emergent/special worship experiences are incorporated into Sunday morning services. 

Quotation MarkEmergent can be defined as arising as an effect of complex causes and not analyzable simply as the sum of their effects.(Philosophy of a property)  – the New Oxford American Dictionary