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Rev. Susan Phillips 

Child of God, called and blessed, convicted and forgiven, mama, spouse, pastor, servant, trying to be a disciple. Susan attended Grinnell College, Candler School of Theology - Emory University, Hebrew University and has served UMC and PCUSA churches in Iowa and Wisconsin.

She is excited about beginning her pastoral journey with First Presbyterian Church in Springfield, IL in July 2017. She is a worship designer and workshop leader for emergent church conversations, sacred dance and worship media. Her daily spiritual disciplines include parenting two insightful kids, interfaith dialogue with her artistic spouse, Simon Levin, and talking to strangers. Their lives are filled with pottery and community building.                       Email Rev. Phillips at


Tim HaworthTim Haworth

- Church Chaplain - (ext. #206)

Tim is a graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary. He has 15 years of experience working in mental health and 20 years experience serving a variety of ministry roles including hospice chaplain, lay associate pastor, program director for a nondenominational camp ministry, church youth pastor and several short-term missionary stints in Russia and Haiti. He is proud to be a part of a church that has a place for everyone without exception and is pleased to serve as parish chaplain. Tim lives in Springfield with his husband Jeff and a herd of two dogs and two cats. Email Tim at


Dr. Rudolf ZuiderveldDr. Rudolf Zuiderveld

- Organist - 

. . . As Organist for First Church, I enjoy offering a stylistic variety of excellent music for worship on our Opus 35 Brombaugh organ. My position as Professor of Music and College Organist at Illinois College enhances my service by allowing me the opportunity to share the glory of music through concerts and lectures across the country and occasionally in my native Netherlands. 



Choir Director Becky KempBecky Kemp

- Choir Director -

. . . the moments in my life when I have most directly felt the presence of God almost always have to do with music. There is often no greater joy than singing God's praise. Lifting up our voices in worship can communicate God's love to us in ways that are beyond being able to describe it in words. 



Angela PryerAngela Pryer

- Collaborative Muscian -

. . . I have had the opportunity to play the piano for various area churches and choirs for the past decade, and I feel very privileged to now be playing for First Presbyterian Church.  Music greatly enhances any church service, and I enjoy contributing to other’s worshipping experience in this capacity. 



Chris WhealChris Wheal

- Administrative Assistant - (ext. #204)

. . . A church community thrives on the personal relationships between members and between each individual and God. Behind the scenes, though, the church depends on a smoothly-functioning office to handle the day-to-day details. As Administrative Assistant, I work full-time in the church office doing everything that an office environment requires, and I occasionally make hospital rounds in the pastors’ absence. My hours are Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and I welcome you to stop by with your questions or thoughts about helping First Presbyterian Church be as effective as possible in doing our work in the community. Email Chris at


Tara KaedingTara Kaeding

- Bookkeeper - (ext. #203)

. . . I am lucky enough to be among the First Presbyterian Church family again, and could not be happier. Every Tuesday and Thursday I get to work with a wonderful group of people and talk with kind and caring parishioners. In addition to those great perks I am also allowed to bring a personal assistant, my young daughter, Amara. We welcome you into our office to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding the finances of the church.                                                     Email Tara at


All Staff Listing

Rev. Susan Phillips, pastor

Chaplain Tim Haworth, Chaplain
Becky Kemp, Choir Director
Dr. Rudolf Zuiderveld, Organist
Angela Pryer, Collaborative Muscian
Tom Melton, Buildings Manager
Chris Wheal, Administrative Assistant
Tara Kaeding, Bookkeeper
Michelle Wilson, Sexton and Security
Bill Moore, Sexton and Security    

Dan Greer, Co-clerk of Session
Mary Maddox, Co-clerk of Session    

Commissioned Ruling Elders: LuAnn Atkins — Ann Kelson — Barb Olson