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First Church Red Doors | ©2016 First Presbyterian Church/ Springfield IL
The main entrance to the sanctuary, the red, arched doors, is convenient to two parking garages (see details below). The red doors are open during worship and concert events. The garden entrance and the portico-covered Portico Entrance | ©2016 First Presbyterian Church/ Springfieldentrance are open for other events. Doorbells are available at the garden and portico entrances when the doors are locked. The portico-covered entrance behind the church is convenient to many of the parking spaces that are available to the church. (The portico entrance is pictured at right.)


  • On Sundays there are twenty-four (24) spaces available in the parking lot behind the church.
  • Also available — Sunday only — are twelve (12) numbered spaces adjoining our parking lot behind the church, along the rear of the Court Complex:
    • On the east there are spaces numbered #29 - #34 (which are best for compact cars).
    • On the west there are spaces numbered #41 - #46.
  • Municipal parking garage, 801 E. Capitol between the Fire Station and the City Library (FREE on Sundays) is entered from Capitol Avenue near the center of the block. Capitol Avenue is a two-way street.
  • Herndon Parking Garage (pictured below) at Sixth and Capitol ($2 flat fee) is entered from Sixth Street. The garage stairs are located in the corner that is closest to the rear/ portico entrance of the church. 
  • Metered Spaces (FREE on Sundays) surround the block, excluding Capitol Avenue.
    • Monroe Street — 9 metered spaces plus one handicap parking space:
    • Sixth Street — 12 metered spaces on Sixth between Capitol and Monroe. 
    • Seventh Street — 14 metered spaces, plus three handicap parking spaces on Seventh between Capitol and Monroe. 

Herndon Parking Garage

For visitors to First Presbyterian Church worship services ...


FPC Parking Sign



During the week, look for the welcome sign (pictured at right) to find available parking. Many of the other parking spaces belong to other buildings in the area and are not available to us.