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About Us

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Sunday Worship

Sunday mornings | 10:30 a.m. | in the Sanctuary

Church attire is diverse: you will see people in shorts, and people in suits and dresses. There is a coffee hour after Sunday worship. It is held in the Commons, which is directly north of the Sanctuary, in the new(er) wing.

Wednesday Evening Worship Gathering - resumes in the fall

Wednesday evenings | 5:30 p.m. | in the Chapel
Enter church through garden entrance or parking lot portico entrance.
– Potluck and then choir practice and other small group gatherings follow. –

Take time at the end of your day for music, prayer, and reading of the Word. In the Wednesday Evening Worship Gathering, we give thanksgiving and praise to God, and we share our sorrows. We listen to one another, and together we listen for God's leading through the Spirit. 

Summer Chapel



Putting Our Beliefs Into Action


The First Presbyterian Church Session (our governing council)
has endorsed the Covenant Network of Presbyterians.

As individuals and congregations committed to the Covenant Network of Presbyterians, we are called to:

  • Serve the PC(USA), supporting its mission, honoring its historic understanding that “God alone is Lord of the conscience,” and by God’s grace, working for the unity of the church. 
  • Bear witness to Christ’s love with kindness and compassion in the midst of conflict as we seek to live together with differences in perspectives, beliefs, and practices. 
  • Welcome in the name of Christ all whom God calls into community and leadership in God’s church, including LGBTQ persons. 
  • Ensure that sessions and presbyteries are able to ordain those called and gifted by God. 
  • Provide support for LGBTQ members and friends, and comfort those wounded by former church policies and practices. 
  • Commit financial resources to this ministry generously and regularly. 

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The phrase “yet more light” originated in Pastor John Robinson’s sermon sending the Pilgrims off to the colonies, in which he stated the belief that God does not reveal God’s whole truth to any one person in any one point in history, and that we must continually be open to hearing the new things God is saying to us through the Word. – from the website



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The First Presbyterian Church Session (our governing council) has endorsed the Charter for Compassion.

We believe that a compassionate world is a peaceful world.

We believe that a compassionate world is possible when every man, woman and child treats others as they wish to be treated--with dignity, equity and respect. We believe that all human beings are born with the capacity for compassion, and that it must be cultivated for human beings to survive and thrive.
  – from the Charter for Compassion website

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Presbyterian Coffee Project 

First Presbyterian Church serves Equal Exchange Coffee, which is purchased through the Presbyterian Coffee Project. Equal Exchange is a fair trade network that helps farmers in Latin America, Africa, and Asia earn a fair income, as well as find credit and technical support to improve or extend their businesses.  Logo Presbyterian Coffee Project